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The Master’s degree has been successfully completed, but some special skills are still lacking, which, combined with your unique competencies, will position you as a highly qualified specialist? Then the study at a foreign elite university can become the optimal jump board for the next career step. However, the top academic institutions usually have very high reception standards, especially in the Anglo-American area. This makes it all the more important to score points with a flawless and convincing business card, which is why you have to write an excellent motivation letter. The experience and competences of our writers can do exactly what you need to make your application successful.

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Some students may already know some motivation letters from some study programs. But in the case of the mostly private elite universities in the Anglo-American area, the bar is particularly high, with the aim of stepping up the candidates’ aspirations and ultimately the quality of their reputation. Top establishments such as Oxford, Cambridge, St. Andrews, Edinburgh or US elite forges like Stanford or Harvard are educational institutions with constant top placements in international higher education institutions. Studying in such universities can change the biography, even if it is only for an exchange student.

A completed motivation letter as an exclusive part of the personal application is therefore not a bonus, but an absolute must. In addition to the frequently asked essay (which usually serves as a sample for the professional abilities of the candidate), it is the heart of your academic business card and the opportunity to get to the coveted study place abroad. That’s why so many students looking for help with assignment and decide to buy assignment.

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Anyone who wants to be admitted to one of the best universities in the world must be better than his competitors. At the same time, the demands on motivation writing in the Anglo-Saxon region from Elite vary considerably. Nevertheless, there are international standards. Above all, the motivation letters, which are usually one-to-two-sided, usually have to be meaningful, precise and convincing. In perfect English, there are usually two areas to be addressed: the suitability tests for the planned elitist study and the personal goal setting. This includes a reason for why this university or the target country was selected. If you already have good English language skills, the appropriate formulation of your motivation letter may be the least of your worries.

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