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Writing movie reviews is not so easy. In order to write a readable review, a lot of consideration has to be made, because a review is not an advertisement. A review is not an exclusive rating either. It is not just about the HOW, but mainly to the WHY and WHAT MAKES this impression (based on examples). If you give your opinion too much, without explaining it, the reader can not comprehend it or get information about the film. The reader is mostly not interested in personal opinion but the film! Logically successive argument chains are therefore the main tools of a reviewer. You need to know a lot about the history and recent events in the world of cinema, as well as to know the distinct structure of this type of essay. All this knowledge and more are necessary to have to write an adequate movie review, so many students choose to order movie review online at personalessaywriter.com essay writing service.

So, how to write a movie review?

  • Characters

    Look at the main people more and more. A film lives on extraordinary characters, which can be separated from one another. They can be designed to provide a basis for identification, but they can also be real villains. It is also relevant whether they are going through a development, and how or what is happening. Dialogues offer a great opportunity to characterize the main characters. But also the actions of the characters, their appearance and their behavior should be coherent – if not, this is a point that you can point out and interpret.

  • Narrative structure

    Of course the action of the film is also important. The different stages of the story and how the tension curve passes through them. The plot, that is, the main conflict, must be quickly recognizable. Even if the film does not deal with an extraordinary or exciting subject, he can tell the story in a novel way and stand out from other films, such as by shading, different parallel running strings, an extraordinary narrative perspective, and so on. All this makes a movie interesting.

  • Cinematic means

    Movie is an artistic expression. Every thing, every person and every scene looks like it SHOULD look like this. In some films, a certain atmosphere resonates with a particular color or feeling. So describe also the optics of the movie, if you notice it. Camera settings, music and actor selection, stage design or costumes can also change a lot. It is a bit tricky to watch out for anything when you watch the movie. So set priorities or take notes.

  • Similar films or other films of the movie director

    Sometimes it makes sense to compare the film with similar films from the genre. Also, the film can be compared to other works of the director and make clear what makes this film stand out from the others. Such a comparison can be quite helpful if you are not sure what you think of the movie.

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