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Top 5 Tips for Dissertation Writing

As much as you want to write your dissertation for that awaited career boost, the thought of writing a thesis can also bog you down. You’ve got a humungous amount of reading to do. You must take down notes wherever necessary, make a decent list of references and must also format and proofread before you hit the print button. Above all, you have to do justice to your work by being able to prove your argument.Writing a dissertation can be a stressful and time-consuming task, but you can make it a smooth sail by planning ahead. We have five tips to writing successfully under pressure.

Manage Your Time

As students, we tend to wait for the last minute to get started with writing the dissertation and then rush into it. Although you might not start writing it out immediately, you should at least start planning it as soon as the assignment is received. Chalk out a schedule and dedicate a few hours every week. If you are not a person who can sit it out for hours, commit at least 20 – 50 minutes daily. Let it be the time when you are most focused. You should also find a study place where the distractions are minimal; a library is a good option in this regard.

Sketch an Outline

When writing your research paper, you will often find yourself stuck between what to include and what to leave out. Creating an outline before you sit down to write can avoid such confusion. The best thing to do is split your thesis into smaller topics and allot separate files and documents for each subject. As you read and research, you can include the relevant points under the necessary subheads and elaborate on them later.

Preparing an outline also includes writing out a proposal. The proposal will include the contents of your dissertation. Discuss your project with your mentor or tutor. He will suggest a few improvements if needed. An outline like this will keep you focused and relaxed.

Perform Thorough Research

The secret sauce of every good dissertation is research. The more you read and cite, the more depth it adds to your arguments. Books are of course the best resource you can reference. However, today with the internet, you have access to a lot more research material including eBooks, journals, thesis, reviews and reports.

Proofread Your Research Paper

The problem with a dissertation is that unlike many other documents it is read and critiqued word for word. Therefore the sentences should be drafted well; the grammar should be perfect, and the relevant terminology should be clearly defined. To add, the entire paper should be coherent. For this, you must read and re-read your document. It is advised that you do not read a section the same day you wrote it; read it after a day or two to be able to realize what it lacks. You can also request others to read it and give their comments.

Populate Your Bibliography As You Go

The bibliography is an important section of any dissertation. You have to credit authors when you draw from their work. A detailed and annotated bibliography is also a proof of completed work. It can be hard to go back looking for the resources you used. Hence, you should keep track of the resource material during research, making a note of every book or web link as soon as you use it.


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