Help me with an essay about goals

Most often, the goal pursued by the teacher when he instructs the student to write an essay is to get the student to demonstrate their own ability to think and express these thoughts.

But this is difficult.

Get essay writing help UK right now. Let’s try to give a few tips that do not pretend to novelty and originality.

Firstly, no matter how trite it sounds, do not postpone writing for the last day, hoping that it’s five pages to fill – half an hour of work. Nobody does not require from you that you urgently sit down for books, but at least a few minutes a day, in the subway or under the shower can give thoughts – what, in fact, the essay should be.

Secondly, although the essay excludes plagiarism, materials can’t be dispensed with. Therefore we type the material. More, more diverse … Sources – accurately in the list of literature … We read or simply look – depending on how much time is available. If the schedule is not yet over, it would be good to do this for a few days in a row, a little bit, at least in the advertising television pause, and if the five morning cups of coffee are devoted to studying the recruited material, then perhaps everything should go well in the head on the shelves.

Thirdly, it would be good to discuss this topic with someone. With the teacher it would be quite wonderful. Not only he will offer you something useful and shed light on your own vision of the issue, you will also demonstrate your own intense work of thought. But if the teacher is not available, your own grandmother will do. Of course, we should not expect constructive comments from her (although who knows, grandmothers are different), but two hares are killed – you put your thoughts on the shelves, and fulfill the grandiloquent duty of communication.

Fourth, it would be nice to learn the habits of your muse. Inspiration is a rather capricious thing. For example, I treat my own with trepidation, I feed it with chocolates if it is requested and jump up in the middle of the night, if it’s necessary for me to present my thoughts right now. Jokes are jokes, but there is still some truth.

How to write an essay about goals?

So, the mind is full of thoughts, the muse breathes into the back of the head, it’s time to start writing.

That’s about what you can write about, if the theme of your essay is the achievement of goals.

Demand as the main component of happiness.

For the full happiness of a person, something is necessary. And this “something” is called recognition. Only being in demand, the personality feels its importance, feels pleasure, happiness. The criterion of recognition for each person is different. For some, a simple “thank you” for the prepared dinner is enough. Others feel a sense of complete happiness from the manifestations of the tenderness of the sexual partner – this is recognition, identification of the person among all others.

For some people it is enough to bring in the house sterile cleanliness and hear the words of admiration from neighbors, others need to see the delight in the eyes of the opposite people at the sight of their appearance, figure, outfits, hair. For the third, it is important to recognize them as beautiful parents. For the fourth, recognition at a broader level is necessary. These four do not limit the circle of people they want to be recognized, relatives, loved ones, neighbors, fellow travelers, passers-by.

These are scientists, pioneers, big businessmen, people of creative and a number of other professions. The most successful people are those who get recognition from their loved ones, friends, children, neighbors, and from colleagues, fans, viewers, readers – a wider range of people.