How to write an essay on relationships

An essay is a student’s thinking about a problem that is interesting to him and which is also topical, i.e. interesting to others. Therefore, in the essay, polemic with other authors (their point of view) is acceptable, as the student’s task includes mandatory demonstration of the erudition in this subject. You can quote other authors, but moderately and to the occasion. At the bottom of the page is a footnote (author, book or article, year of publication, page, place of publication). At the end of the work, the literature is indicated. The essay is absolutely independent work, written in own style and language, therefore, as fewer quotes it has, so better it is, the PLAGIARY IS EXCLUDED !!! Especially the written-off text is always visible.

Work should be logically verified, consistent. Make, just in case, a plan, although it does not need to be included in the work. Get essay writers help right now.

Structure of essay about relationships

Structure of work: the first paragraph is always a summary of what the work is about. This is called posing the problem, its essence. Further, this problem needs to be explained by reasoning, i.e. reinforcing the initial statement. In the end it is necessary to draw a conclusion, which follows from the reasoned explanations and confirms the initial statement.

So, the scheme is such – the formulation of the problem for half a page. Its disclosure is in three theses, each one – on the page. Conclusion – another half. Now we think that it would be such a topical issue there.

If the subject is near political, social – it would be good to look through the fresh press. For a long time you will not have to suffer – the view, already grounded under your theme will quickly catch the angle of the latest events that you need.

If we write about the individual – it is worth looking at the dates of birth, death, the beginning of creative activity – is there no anniversary. Mentally sort out the modern people of the same field of activity – suddenly there will be a person, a comparison with which will give your work a winning luster.

General tips for writing an essay on relationship topic

Perhaps, the essay is the only kind of student work, where you can use the epigraph.

Although the essay is not the easiest work, it written with meaning and with the soul, can help win the respect of the teacher and strengthen the faith with your own creativity.

Here for example, an ambiguous, but worthy of reading an essay on the attitude of modern people to themselves, to each other and to life.

– We stopped trying. We just do not see the point in this. We have always been told that there is so much fish in the sea and that it is enough for everyone. But now all this fish is directly under our fingers – in phones and tablets, in applications for acquaintances – take it how much you want. We can order a person the same way as ordering an iPad in an online store. With delivery. We believe that the closeness is to send smiles to each other. And the “good morning” message is equivalent to a feat. We say that romance has died. Perhaps this is so, but maybe we just need to invent it again. Maybe the romance in our time is to put aside the phone for dinner and look into each other’s eyes. Maybe romance is still there, we just do not know what it looks like.

When we have already chosen a partner, our view is still looking for more options nearby. Because we have a choice. And this choice kills us. We believe that the more chances we have, so better it is. But, in fact, it makes everything somehow “diluted”. So we never feel satisfied. Just remember your relationship goals. By and large, we do not even understand what satisfaction is, how it looks, sounds, feels. One foot we are constantly somewhere else, because there, beyond the door, there are even more options. More, more, more …