How to write my essay about fast food

An example of an essay on fast food.

The rabid rhythm of the life of modern man makes much to do on the go – read, drink, eat. With the development of society, people have less time to organize a healthy diet. Life in a modern city is now impossible to imagine without a fast food cafe. Millions of people visit these cafes. The main reasons for the popularity of fast food are taste, low price, availability, variety, rapid pace of life and chronic lack of time.

Hypothesis: there is a direct link between the use of fast food and the health of the human body. Such food leads to various serious diseases. I also want to know how you can try to reduce the harm of fast food on the body, if a person can not completely abandon it.

Now much is said about the dangers of fast food and its effect on health. Nevertheless, millions of people can’t resist the temptation and despite all the arguments continue to buy grilled chicken, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, hot dogs. The main reasons for the popularity of fast food are the rapid pace of life and chronic shortage of time. Get help with assignments UK right now.

Fast food system essay writing guide

Let’s look at some features of the fast food system.

Usually fast food is given an attractive appearance, using various food additives and dyes, as well as means for enhancing odor, improving the consistency, while prolonging the shelf life of such food.

1. Calories. A typical lunch in a fast food cafe will satisfy hunger and provide you with more than half the calories needed for normal life. But is this useful, judge for yourself. By the way, the Americans have now started to sue fast food restaurants, believing that they have been deceived for many years, attracting with beautiful, but very harmful, various “delights”, in which there are many calories, but almost no useful vitamins and minerals.

2. Fats. All meals in fast food restaurants are prepared using so-called transgenic fats. Repeatedly heated vegetable oil, margarines is used. These fats increase the level of cholesterol in the blood of a person, lead to a worsening of metabolism, harmful to the heart, hepatic and other human organs. They often increase the risk of developing cancer.

Excessive use of salt. Salt is very harmful to the heart, kidneys. Our body needs a very small amount of salt. Excess amount of sodium harms our body.

Often in the composition of fast food dishes, dioxides, preservatives and lipids are added for longer storage of semi-finished products. And the use of preservatives has not been fully studied by science because of their large number. But it is clear that there is not much use for them.

We all know that the food must be chewed carefully, there is little, but often. And what happens in fast food? We eat on the go, faster than usual, which means that we do not chew food as it should for better digestion. Accordingly, we are waiting for problems with digestion.

What is the excessive use of fast food.

Rapid weight gain, heart attacks and diabetes, increasingly common in Europe, prompted nutritionists to study the composition and calorie content of the most popular fast food dishes. Scientists came to a disappointing conclusion: only one portion of fast food contains a daily fat intake.