Literature Review writing service UK

Literature Review Writing Service

What is actually a literature review?

You definitely have already received or will receive a task on writing a literature review at school, college, university or work. It is not just a description of what you have read, to write a proper, interesting review, you should read the book from the beginning till the end to find out its main purpose.

If you think, that literature review refers only to novels, poetry or classic literature books, you are wrong! Literature review can be written on any literary text starting from a set of government, dissertation help UK, online sources, magazines etc.

The purpose of literature review is to present the understanding on the specific topic, questions, problem on the topic you investigate to your reader.

Literature review should be written in a form of critical discussion, showing the grasp and an awareness differing arguments, advances and theories , not just a description or review of the text you read. A good literature review, consequently, is critical of what has been written, identifies areas of dispute, elevating questions and identifies areas which require onward research. You need to use the critical notes and comments you made while doing your reading to signify an academic persuasion.

What should contain your literature review?

  • You literature review should be written in academic style. Formal, readable and clear.
  • Mention all the viewpoints in your writing, even if do not sour them
  • Use quotations and write a summary in the end of your review
  • Highlight approximate studies
  • Evaluate upcoming research methods
  • Reveal and range the question you are working on
  • Condemn phase of methodology

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