Typical process of essay writing on gender roles

    1. The process of writing essay about gender roles is divided in several stages:

Problem posing – thinking – planning – writing – checking – improving written

    1. Preparatory stage

2.1. The quality of essay about gender roles depends on three interrelated components, such as:

      • The source material that you are going to use (abstracts of the read literature, lectures, recording the results of the discussions, your own considerations and the experience gained on this issue);
      • Quality of processing of the available source material (its organization, reasoning and arguments);
      • Argumentation (how accurately it relates to the problems raised in your essay).

2.2. Scripting, especially when reading, is a strategic intellectual skill and discipline (and not a mechanical process of compiling a summary). Why?

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When you make notes, you pay attention (after making the appropriate decision) to those moments that are key (as a theoretical or general argument, and an empirical argument or case study of a particular issue).

In outlining, you select the relevant material and develop your understanding of theoretical positions and / or empirical arguments (ie facts of what kind either confirm a particular position or refute it).

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It should be noted that when you read certain texts, you make more notes compared to others because they will be useful to you in the future work or are more relevant to the problem of interest to you, and / or are more interesting, and / or more informative. Theoretical or empirical points of view. Then the material you read is divided into the one that is of greater and lesser interest to you for the reasons given above.

We bring to your attention the following method of note-taking: divide your notebook into two columns. In the left, you make a summary of the material that you are reading, and in the right (at the same time or later) you perform a comparative analysis of the contents of this summary with other facts about which you previously read, heard (in lectures), which were discussed (in class – tutorials – or in an informal setting), as well as with your own comments and critical comments on the text that you are reading. In other words, you use your notes to build a cross-reference, based on your own considerations, formulations, data, and also your own comments on the statements of others.

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